Filter017 Sweet Rabbit

In 2011,Filter017 was be invited by 909Toy-a design group in China for design the "EGGCORE". We use the theme in Retro sweet food package and mix in conflict but clever.Span the mechanical looking in original EGGCORE's impression.It's mix all retro element in Filter017 used. And the work was got many discussion of Shanghai EGGCORE modified art show in SOURCE.

After the EGGCORE modified Art show in Shanghai. Filter017 was honor for got the crossover invited by 909Toy, Started thinking of production possible and publish the limit version.
Because we never think about the production design in "SWEET EGGCORE" painting, So it's a big problem of painting and cost in production. 909Toy group believe if production this design less, the project will be a big cost!

But we are very thank for the trust of 909Toy in this crossover and love the painting by Filter017. Finaly,It's Started making and not think about cost to do every original details in "SWEET EGGCORE". They do any painting in the production version. And the offical news is the modle used 70 piece print steel, total of 70 machine made in a line,It's very powerful stage!
We believe every friend was hot in this moment, you just like us are can't wait to see the crazy mix of 909Toy x Filter017!

June 11, 2011, on this day that this version of the 909Toy X Filter017 joint cooperation "SWEET EGGCORE" will be limited release, only for number of 30, each plate all have limited nameplate, what are you waiting for?
  • Filter017 x 909Toy Sweet Rabbit (Eggcore)

    After subscript, the need to complete the full amount of USD258 (including shipping) payment, to pre-order to complete the process, the product will be June 17, 2011 the week after the reunification of shipment, the number of very rare, only limited to 30 sets worldwide, such as Less than the actual number, we will send the goods in the order book. If the quota is full and can't receive the arrival, the amount previously paid in advance will be fully refunded. Don't worry!

    The toy can't not choose number.

    Filter017 X 909Toy Sweet Rabbit detailed product specifications:
    Package size: Length 24cm, Width 24cm, and Height 11cm
    Eggcore size: Height 11cm, Width 8cm
    Contents in the package:
    -Wooden hardcover
    -Color paper foam
    -Art paper manual
    -Metal laser number of limited card
    -909 TOY & FILTER017 stickers

    Official pric
    e: US$ 258.00